Disposable Hygienic Raw Materials-SAP Super Absorbent Polymer

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• Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent
• CAS No.: 9003-04-7
• Other Names: Super Absorbent Polymer
• Purity: ≥ 93%
• Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
• Type: Adsorbent
• Adsorbent Variety: Molecular Sieve
• Usage: Textile Auxiliary Agents, hygiene products
• Brand Name: Sumitomo Seika/TAISAP/BLD
• Apprication: SAP in hygienic industry
• Product name: SAP for diaper&sanitary napkin
• Function: Absorent core for diaper&napkin
• Color: Pure white
• Appearance: White Powder

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20 days

Disposable hygienic raw materials-SAP super absorbent polymer

One of the new technologies is called "Composites". In this manufacturing process, absorbent polymers are mixed with fluff to form relatively flat "composites" that are delivered on rolls. The composite elements are produced by the yard and can be inserted into diapers.

Business Unit Superabsorber
These days, baby diapers are high-tech products. That's because of the materials they are made of. One important component of today's diapers is absorbent polymer. The absorbent ingredients that soak up and store liquids are polymers. When they come into contact with liquid, these powdery polymers swell up and form a gel that traps fluid and won't release it, even under pressure.
Super absorbent polymers are also increasingly used in other areas, for example adult hygiene products. There, as with baby diapers, the absorbent polymers are integrated into cellulose composites that can be used to design innovative solutions for modern and effective incontinence products.

The technical speciality is,
• High AUL
• High Retention
• High Absorbency under High Load
• good Stability of Gel-strength in urine
• Less Leakage after several times absorbency in blood
• High Gel-strength

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2).PP/MAGIC Side/Frontal Tape
3). Hot-melted glue(Spandex/Structure)
4).FLUFF PULP (treated/untreated, SAP)
5).Jumbo tissue paper (Upper/Lower Tissue Papdsxer)
6).Non-Woven (Topsheet-Hydrophilic N.W. / leakage-Hydrophobic N.W.)
8).Release tape for sanitary napkin
9).Released paper (winged/back of sanitary pad)
10). Sap absorbent paper
11). Airlaid Paper

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