Corlorful Printing Soft Touch Customized Design Full Laminated Coated PE Film PE Thermal Coated Lamination Film for Disposable Baby Adult Diaper Production

Product Details

Good quality Corlorful printing Soft touch Customized design Full laminated Coated Pe film PE thermal coated lamination film for disposable baby adult diaper production

Product Description: 

Pe stretch film have the special physical performance as well as the particular surface and touching feeling of soft,gently and smooth.It's used for baby&adults diapers,prevent penetration.


1. Good tensile

2. Soft and comfortable,good close skin

3. Rich touch and appearance of the product

4. we can provide you more than 10 kinds of different pattern products,meanwhile ,can develop products for exclusive supply as required

5. Exquisite pattern design makes it more delicate,more favorable by the ladys aesthetic taste and consumer psychology


Physical Targets :

Product Name

sunny baby pe stretch film(Double color)

Test Items


Testing Value

Basic Weight



Ash specification






Core Diameter



Roll Diameter



Tensile Strength MD



Tensile Strength CD



Elongation MD



Elongation  CD



Hygienic Index

TVC of Bacteria


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