Wood Chip Supply Gap Impact Or Will Affect The Global Market

Asian pulp and paper market may be affected by shortage of wood chips

2019 International Chip Market Outlook explores the challenges faced by chip suppliers, chip customers and their competitors

“The shortage of wood chips will lead to major changes in the market in the next few years.”

“China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and now Indonesia and Laos rely on imported wood chips to supply most of their pulp and paper production. The shortage of upcoming wood chips will impact the industry chain, including planters in Australia and South Africa. And major pulp producers in Brazil and Chile."

“The competitive balance between these producers and Asian competitors is likely to change dramatically.”

- Bob Flynn, Editor-in-Chief of the 2019 International Chip Market Outlook Report (IPTR19)

The International Wood Chip Market Outlook 2019 (IPTR19) provides the most credible industry analysis of the trade in wood chips, pulp logs and biofibers.

The 26th Annual Report combs the pulping market in the global trade and the domestic and global export supply of pulp resources, and includes:

• Forecast supply, demand and key prices for the Asian chip market in 2019-2023

• Port details of various suppliers of international wood chip trade, 2019-2023 (expected) shipments

• Import details of various companies in the Asian market

• Imports of wood chips from each importing country (by source and price)

• Analysis of wood chip trade in Asia Pacific and Atlantic

• Overview of global bio-fiber trade, focusing on bio-wood chips

• Detailed information on marine transport and chip carriers, as well as a complete catalog of all chip carriers

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