The 8th China International Nonwovens Conference (CINC2019) Will Be Held Soon

China International Nonwovens Conference (CINC2019)

Venue: Shanghai International Sourcing Center

Meeting time: June 3, 2019, afternoon, 4th all day

Organizer: China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, American Nonwovens Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Supported by: European Nonwovens Association, Berry International Group

Co-organizer: Hengtian Jiahua Nonwoven Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenda Co., Ltd., Beijing Quantum Jinzhou Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd.

CINC 2019 meeting detailed schedule

Main forum: June 3rd, 13:45 - 17:00

Theme: Current and future of the nonwovens industry

I. Opening speech

Second, the award

2018/2019 China Top 10 Enterprises in the Nonwovens Industry Awards

2018/2019 China's non-woven fabric industry outstanding supplier awards

Third, the theme report

1. Status and development trend of China's nonwovens market

——China Industrial Textiles Industry Association

2. Development status of North American nonwovens industry

——Brad Kalil, Director of Market Research, American Nonwovens Association

3. The development of the global fiber industry and its impact on the nonwovens industry

——Andreas W.Engelhardt, General Manager, The Fiber Year GmbH

4. Green development challenges and opportunities for nonwovens under the new situation

—— Dr. Li Yanping, Research Center for Cleaner Production and Circular Economy, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences

5. The development of the concept of new energy automobile industry and its impact on the use of non-woven fabrics

——Silke Brand-Kirsch Executive Partner at Schlegel und Partner

Fourth, guest interview

Interview Topic: Challenges and Innovations in the Nonwovens Industry

Interviewer: Representative of non-woven fabric key enterprises

Interview time: 1 hour

Special Forum 1: June 4th, 9:45 - 12:00

Theme: Markets and technologies for nonwovens for health care

1. Development and consumption trends of disposable hygiene products industry

2. Innovation and application of two-component spunbonded nonwoven fabric

3. The application prospect of cotton spunlace nonwovens in sanitary products

4. The development of adult incontinence products

5. Opportunities and challenges in the Chinese baby diaper market

6. The status quo and development trend of disposable medical protective clothing market

Thematic Forum 2: June 4, 14:00 - 16:45

Theme: Development and Innovation of Automotive Nonwovens

1. Textile new materials help the development of the automotive industry

2. Application of non-woven fabric acoustic materials in automobiles

3. Application of non-woven fabric materials in the improvement of air quality in vehicles

4. Application of hemp fiber in automotive interior materials

5. Application of high performance microfiber materials in automotive interiors

6. Application of meltblown materials in automobiles

7. Technical innovation and application of automotive cleaner filter media

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