Shandong Xinhe 2850/1500 High-speed Tissue Machine Was Successfully Put Into Operation In Vietnam Qishun Paper

On June 17, 2019, after a tight and orderly installation and commissioning, Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully started the first 2850/1500 high-speed tissue machine in Qishun Paper, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. and Malaysia Kaishun Paper signed a total of 3 2850/1500 high-speed tissue machines, 2 of which were installed in Qishun (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, and 1 in Penang, Malaysia. It was successfully put into operation in October 2018.

2850/1500 high-speed tissue machine adopts Shandong Xinhe homemade ΓΈ4572mm steel Yankee dryer, steam energy-saving hood, paper web stabilizer to prevent paper web jitter and automatic air blowing paper feeding system, condensate rapid discharge device necessary for drying cylinder As well as the overall structure of the wet system of the wet end of the paper machine, it is more advanced and innovative.

In order to reduce energy consumption, the vacuum system of the paper machine adopts vacuum turbine fan, which reduces the power consumption and water consumption of the paper machine system, the noise is relatively low, the reliability is high, the dryness of the paper web in the press section is increased, the energy saving, the quality increase and the quality increase The effect is obvious. In addition to moisture removal, the wet end of the paper machine effectively prevents the splashing of the spray water and achieves environmental protection and clean production. In addition, the process control of the paper machine is strengthened, and the smart device is embedded in the process and equipment to ensure that the process equipment has a higher level of reaction capability, and most of the functions are intelligent. In the case of little change in process parameters, the paper type can be quickly switched, and the quality target value can be quickly reached after the start-up and paper break, realizing the high-speed tissue machine intelligent.

At present, the various operating indexes and product quality of the paper machine meet customer requirements, and the energy-saving effect is obvious, which will certainly create good benefits for Kaishun Paper, and also lay a good foundation for Shandong Xinhe to open up the Vietnamese market.

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