Micro-nano Zinc! New Breakthrough In Diaper Red Butt Ammonia Technology

Micro-nano zinc! New breakthrough in diaper red butt ammonia technology

1. Foreword

Speaking of diapers, it is definitely one of the great inventions of the 20th century. For Bao Ma, it is free from the trouble of traditional diaper washing, not only saves effort, but also can take more time to take care of the baby. Subsequent applications have extended to adult diapers to solve the problem of bed urinary incontinence in the elderly, and the scope of application has been further extended to holiday travel. Adults especially provide convenience for women to solve urgency during severe congestion. But the urinary smell that followed has also begun to accompany us. The lighter is just a little urinating smell, the heavy one is the skin disease caused by the baby's red buttocks and old people's hemorrhoids. So this article to talk about this pungent urinary smell - ammonia.

2. Ammonia hazard

The composition of urine is changed by age, lifestyle, disease and diet, but it is about 97% water, and the urea produced by protein metabolism is less than 2%. The rest are traces of chlorine, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphoric acid, and uric acid, sugar, hormones and other ingredients. After the urine is discharged from the body, with the influence of temperature, urea and uric acid will be quickly decomposed by bacteria and produce pungent ammonia, while also mixing other flavors in the urine.

Ammonia has corrosive and irritating effects on the contacted skin tissue, can absorb water in the skin tissue, denature the tissue protein, and saponify the tissue fat, destroying the cell membrane structure. The solubility of ammonia is extremely high, which is easy to cause irritation to the skin and cause inflammation. The baby's skin is characterized by thin and tender, less lipid, poor resistance to drying and poor anti-irritation ability, so the baby is prone to red butt under the stimulation of urine ammonia. The old man is lying in bed, the skin is under pressure for a long time, and the diaper is not replaced in time. It is easy to produce skin diseases such as hemorrhoids under the stimulation of ammonia.

3. Ammonia solution

The development of the sanitary products industry has continued to develop some ammonia technology. There are usually physical adsorption methods, biological decomposition methods, aroma masking methods, and chemical decomposition methods. Physical adsorption method: using porous materials such as activated carbon and tea polyphenols, but the effect is slow and the ammonia is not thorough; biological decomposition method: using the principle of probiotic fermentation to decompose odor, the disadvantage is that the probiotics are not heat-resistant, most of them can only be Acting in an acidic environment, the effect is slower; the scent covering method: covering the mixed odor, but not ammonia, can not solve the stimulation of ammonia on the skin; the chemical method is the principle of using ammonia molecules or sprays to carry ammonia molecules to volatilize off objects. . The ammonia-based technology was judged by the action time and effect, and the chemical method was temporarily ahead of other methods. In particular, the nanometer ammonia technology developed by the Nano Research and Development Center of the Nanjing Institute of Industrial Innovation of Peking University can achieve the instantaneous ammonia removal effect.

However, the sense of smell of each of us is greatly influenced by subjective factors such as mental state, psychology, and health status. Therefore, human judgment of odor is ambiguous and adaptive. Therefore, the nano-R&D center has initially established the criteria for determining the ammonia odor in urine as follows:

Baseline value of ammonia odor intensity in urine:

I barely felt the smell0.7ppm
Reluctantly distinguishable is ammonia smell3.5ppm
Apparently perceived ammonia smell5.3ppm
Strong ammonia smell7ppm
Ammonia is too strong to be tolerated8.4ppm

Take off ammonia effect is tasteless〖0〗 level standard:

LevelTime (T)
First levelT≤1s
Second level1s<T≤3min
Third level3min<T≤30min
Four levels30min<T≤1h
Five levels1h<T≤2h

The mechanism of hydrazine ammonia is based on a "zinc" nanoparticle composite material, which has extremely high surface energy and exhibits very good activity. After contact with ammonia component, chemical reactions such as catalysis, oxidation and decomposition occur simultaneously, which can be decomposed instantaneously. Ammonia (NH3) also dissolves the skin's irritation and damage. In addition, this "zinc" also has an antibacterial function, which also reduces the odor caused by the growth of bacteria.

According to this "zinc" between micron and nanometer, it is named as micro-n-zinc, and it is tested by the Nanjing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center and Guangzhou Industrial Microbiological Testing Center. The report shows that the micro-nano zinc antibacterial effect is more than 99.999%, and it is safe, reliable and has no toxic effects.

4. Future prospects

The ammonia-reducing technology was developed in response to the needs of the elderly health industry in Japan. It was verified and approved by customers on April 25, 2019, and relevant hygiene products will be put on the market in the near future. Based on the micro-nano-zinc taste mechanism and antibacterial effect, the nano-research center further studied and found that the body's foot odor, body odor, and old-age taste; the hot pot smoke smell in the life, the refrigerator odor, the car odor, the furniture odor, etc. Flavor effect. A range of astringent products have been developed.

According to the characteristics of micro-nano zinc, the research found that it can also be combined with materials such as non-woven fabrics, polymer water-absorbent resins and hot melt adhesives. Corresponding antibacterial deodorant materials can be developed. Therefore, the appearance of micro-nano zinc will make the diapers no longer embarrassing, providing us and our family with a fresh, clean, comfortable and healthy living environment, and let our life no longer embarrass.

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