Market Overview And Development Prospects Of China Internet + Diaper Industry In 2018

In recent years, the online transaction volume of baby products has increased by more than 20% per year. This channel will be a promising field for the diaper industry. This paper analyzes the market of China's Internet + diaper industry in 2018 and pre-judgments the development prospects of the industry.

Diapers are commonly used daily necessities for babies. In recent years, they have become a hot spot in the online market for baby products. The following is an analysis of the development of the Internet + diaper industry:

Industry market overview 1: Maternal and infant O2O model is highly competitive

The O2O marketing model, also known as the offline business model, refers to online marketing online purchases that drive offline operations and offline consumption. O2O pushes the information of offline stores to Internet users through discounts, information, service reservations, etc., thereby converting them into their own offline customers, which is especially suitable for goods and services that must be consumed by the store. For the brand, good service is the first condition, followed by the product can be recognized by the majority of consumers.

Industry Market Overview 2: The channel impact of the micro-business channel on diapers should not be underestimated.

The channel impact of the micro-commercial channel on diapers can not be underestimated. According to relevant data, the scale of micro-business in 2019 is nearly 1 trillion. Among them, brands such as Kaier Dele, Miffy, and Xiaomeng Chio have basically grown up through a hierarchical tiered agency model, and many companies including Hengan have begun to deploy micro-business channels.

Industry market prospects: "Comprehensive two-child" New Deal stimulates market demand for diapers

Beginning in 2016, with the implementation of the new policy of “two children”, the number of infants aged 0-2 in China will reach 40 million by 2018. The rapid development of the diaper online market is mainly due to three factors:

1) Second child policy: This policy was gradually implemented nationwide in 2014. Since the last birth peak in China appeared in 1985-1990, starting from 2015, starting from 2016, with the implementation of the new policy of “two children”, age-appropriate The number of women born will enter a peak, and it is predicted that the number of newborns in China will increase by 7.5 million in 2015-2019.

2) Increased permeability of diapers: China's diaper penetration rate was only 2.1% in 2001, and the penetration rate increased to 70.8% in 2018, but there is still room for improvement compared with the penetration rate of 96% in the US and 90% in Japan.

3) Increase in daily average usage and single-piece price. In 2013, the average daily usage of diapers in China was 2.82, and it was increased to 5.6 in 2018. The price of a single film increased from 1.16 yuan to 1.38 yuan. On average, each baby spends 1-2 million on a diaper.

With the development of parenting concept, it is expected that the daily trend of daily use of diapers and the demand for high-end products will continue. The Internet and online shopping are becoming more and more popular. The e-commerce channel has an important impact on the sales of diapers, and the penetration rate is expected to further expand. .

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