Market Characteristics Of Hot Melt Adhesives

China has entered the world of adhesives and sealants production and consumption power. The production of Chinese adhesives and sealants is developing in the direction of scale and intensification.

The development of the mainland adhesives industry is an important feature: sales growth continues to rise above production, with the expansion of domestic adhesive production scale, product grades and quality improvement, Chinese adhesive products gradually into the international market, exports and foreign exchange rate has increased substantially. Adhesive applications are expanding, has been mainly used in timber processing, construction and packaging industries, expanded to clothing, light industry, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, electronic and electrical appliances, transportation, medical and health, telecommunications, warehousing and other fields.

Especially in recent years, China's trademark, label and advertisement paste widely used, accelerate the development of the corresponding adhesive varieties, automotive industry, electronic and electrical appliances, footwear, construction, food packaging industry with the volume of glue growth fast. China's largest consumption of adhesives and sealants is building materials and decoration industry, followed by the packaging industry, the fastest growing is the transport and assembly industry.

At present, the market characteristics of China Adhesive industry are: production and sales rapid growth, new products are emerging, the rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises, environmentally friendly adhesive production technology and products are highly valued, but the general type of medium and low-grade product oversupply is still more serious, the market is fierce competition, some important raw materials and high-tech products need to import, some important raw materials shortage, coal, electricity, oil and other energy supply tight, the price rises too much, exacerbated the enterprise production cost burden.