Is “natural Organic” Sanitary Napkins A Market Leader? Or Is It A New Trend In The Industry?

As everyone knows,

Naturally organic based

The continued introduction of new feminine hygiene products,

The category of “female hygiene products” is being redefined


It is understood that a year ago, ANSES released an evaluation of a female hygiene product, recommending that manufacturers improve the process and raw materials to eliminate certain substances in the product. Although the study does show that the product being evaluated does not contain harmful substances that exceed health thresholds or pose a significant risk to consumers, it still attracts women's attention. In addition, at least four states in the United States have enacted legislation to increase the transparency of women's health product labels.

“Consumer demand has had an unprecedented impact on policy trends in the North American baby and feminine care market, which has also affected the way the industry produces and sells products,” said Jane Wishneff, Executive Director of the Baby and Adult Health Center (BAHP). As transparency and the demand for 'natural' and 'organic' products become higher, the information transfer about these products, whether for consumers or for decision makers at the state and federal levels, is based on sound science. This is more important than ever."


Mild urinary incontinence pad products

Molly Hayward, co-founder of Cora, a member of the women's health market, developed the Cora brand, which meets the demand for natural products in developed markets and meets the demand for common products in developing regions. .

“Women's hygiene products are transforming naturally and organic faster than anyone expects. It is worth our pleasure that some existing companies have realized this and have provided their products that are being "We recognize." Hayward said the company recently launched a mild urinary incontinence pad that brings urinary incontinence to areas of mild urinary incontinence. This problem is not like what many big brands believe you: urinary incontinence Only affects older women. Our argument is that mild urinary incontinence does not only occur in women over the age of 55. ”

The top layer of this mild urinary incontinence pad is made from 100% organic cotton and has been minimally processed. Hayward emphasizes health issues such as female incontinence and menstruation. “From our perspective, education is one of the key factors in the market's transition to natural therapy. More and more women are looking to help them better understand themselves. The content of the body.” He said, “It is logical for us to help them to access these content, become thought leaders, and innovate in the space of ideas and products.

Natural menstrual care

Since 2015, a New Zealand-based organic health certification product manufacturer (Organic initi nutrition company) has entered the US market. The new Oi Girl product was launched this spring to provide natural menstrual care for young girls and soon dominated the US market.

“Our goal is to remove synthetic materials and chemicals from hygiene products, so that all women can afford healthy, quality certified products,” said Oi CEO Helen Robinson. “The use of products like Oi is With a small change, we can make changes in the process of creating safe and healthy products for ourselves and the environment."

Robinson said, "With the continued growth of Oi products in the US and global stores, I believe that the use of natural products is not only for women's health, but also for the health of the planet. People are increasingly aware that our man-made products will be the world. Cause damage."


Natural feminine hygiene products will become a new trend in the industry

As emerging brands redefine women's health markets, major national brands are beginning to recognize the importance of offering female customers products that feature natural or organic materials. It is reported that a year after the launch of the natural baby care products of the Pamper Pure series, health giant Procter & Gamble proved its determination to promote natural products to the category of feminine hygiene products through the acquisition of the international brand This is L.

Jennifer Davis, president of P&G Global Women's Care, said: "This acquisition is a perfect complement to our Always and Tampax portfolio, and we are committed to a shared mission to promote girls' confidence and serve more women."


After the acquisition, P&G expanded its footprint in the field of natural tampon by introducing the new organic tampon Tampax Pure, and always uses pure sanitary napkins – no dyes, no fragrance, no chlorine bleach There is no need to make any compromises in composition or protection.

The continued introduction of natural and organic-based feminine hygiene products, coupled with legislative efforts to regulate the list of packaging and ingredients on the market, is revolutionizing the category of feminine hygiene products to help women have a healthier lifestyle.

The introduction of these products does show that the transition to organic products is real. But if it is still considered a neglected market segment, then it won't last long.

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