Indonesia International Paper Exhibition 2019

Indonesia International Paper Exhibition 2019

 ● Date: August 28, 2019 - August 30, 2019

 ● Exhibition Hall: Jakarta International Exhibition Center

 ● Exhibition content:

exhibition criteria:

Papermaking machinery and equipment: pulp manufacturing machinery equipment and accessories, paper machinery equipment, carton machinery equipment, parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, processing paper equipment, dewatering, pressing equipment, pumps, valves, pipes and new technology equipment, Paper-making energy-saving technology and equipment; corrugated equipment, packaging paper equipment, handling and packaging machinery and equipment;

Tissue paper machinery and equipment: tissue paper machine, toilet paper rewinding machine, tissue paper folding machine, slitting machine, packaging machine and other household paper processing equipment, drying cylinder, headbox, paper machine blade, knife sharpener, embossing Roller, pulping equipment, valves, vacuum pumps and other related equipment accessories;

Paper raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products: paper packaging materials such as paper, carton, cardboard, carton, etc., various industrial and household paper processing paper, papermaking net, wool and other raw and auxiliary materials;

Papermaking chemicals: modified starches, sizing agents, dry/wet strength agents, fluorescent whitening agents, dyes, pigments, coating binders (sizes), functional papermaking chemicals, process paper chemicals;

Papermaking environmental protection and three waste treatment technology equipment: white water recycling technology and equipment, deinking technology and equipment, recycled paper processing and environmental protection processing equipment, middle water treatment, black liquor recycling technology equipment, papermaking three waste treatment, comprehensive utilization of new technologies and equipment ;

Papermaking automation and computer control system: papermaking automatic inspection and control instruments, instruments and transmission equipment

Exhibition introduction

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the fourth most populous country in the world. In recent years, the country’s political situation has been stable and friendly to China, and the market has shown great vitality. China is one of Indonesia's important importers. Indonesia's imports to China account for 10.9% of total imports, and it is increasing year by year. As the world's ninth largest pulp producer and the eleventh largest producer of paper products, Indonesia's total pulp production capacity is 7.9 million tons per year, and the total paper product capacity is 12.17 million tons per year. Indonesian Paper and Pulp Industry Association (APKI) President Mishapura said that Indonesia's paper and pulp exports target for this year was 6.26 billion US dollars, up 4.4% from 6 billion US dollars in the same period last year. Bangka, director of the Manufacturing Fundamental Division of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, said that the demand for paper in developing countries increased by an average of 4.1% per year, while that of developed countries increased by only 0.5% per year. At present, the world paper demand has reached 394 million tons, and will rise to 490 million tons in 2020, of which Indonesia's demand for paper has reached 7.7 million tons. At present, Indonesia's pulp production is 7.3 million tons, of which 2.83 million tons are for export, and the export volume is 1.6 billion US dollars. The paper output is 10.7 million tons, of which 4.49 million tons is for export and the export value is 3.9 billion.

Almost 100% of Indonesian paper mill machinery and accessories are imported. According to the USDOC International Trade Registration Committee, almost 100% of pulp and paper equipment and accessories in Indonesia are imported from abroad and assembled at local factories. There are no paper machine production machines, and most Indonesian pulp and paper factories only have studios that produce repair parts.

The 2019 Indonesia Paper Exhibition is currently the only paper industry exhibition in Indonesia. The exhibition has received strong support from the pulp and paper associations from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The participation and promotion of the association will effectively expand the influence of the exhibition for the exhibition. Attract more professional audiences.

Demand growth and rapid growth in the Indonesian paper industry have attracted a lot of investment and trade concerns. The exhibition will set up a display and exchange platform for the Asian paper industry. Exhibitors can show Indonesian buyers the latest solutions, technologies and services in the paper industry, gain cooperation opportunities, develop and broaden the market.

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