Hygiene Products Such As Diapers And Sanitary Napkins Have Ushered In The Standard Of Health Care Certification

Many young mothers are keen to buy diapers imported from abroad. Have you heard of standard diapers? The reporter learned from the Second Health and Safety Forum and the National Health and Technology Support Technology Application Seminar that the development and production of sanitary products such as diapers and sanitary napkins on the market in China have more stringent medical-grade health and safety. Certification standards.

Statistics show that in 2018, the sales of Chinese diapers reached 51 billion yuan. Experts attending the meeting said that the quality standards of China's diaper industry are slightly broad in terms of safety and performance indicators, and cannot meet the needs of different consumers for the differentiation of health products.

Zheng Haobin, director of Zhongwei An (Beijing) Certification Center, said that the standard of diapers and other sanitary products refers to the health and safety indicators and other characteristics of products that are higher than ordinary products, suitable for high-care requirements and crowds, and have stricter Health indicators, more demanding performance indicators, and more detailed safety standards.

Taking baby diapers as an example, compared with the national standard GB 15979-2002, the total number of bacterial colonies is strictly 5 times, the total number of fungal colonies is specified as “not detectable”, and the detection items are doubled in the pathogenic bacteria species. Compared with the national standard GB/T 28004-2011, from the performance indicators, the three indicators have been greatly improved, and four absorption performance indicators have been added to further highlight the application performance of the diaper. From the safety indicators, 17 safety indicators have been added, including heavy metal content, plasticizer content, formaldehyde and migratory fluorescent whitening agents.

Zheng Haobin said that as of the end of 2018, 17 companies in China had applied for the certification of health care standards and introduced health care products at the medical level. At present, Zhongwei An (Beijing) Certification Center has undertaken the National Accreditation Administration's accredited science and technology support program, including children's rehabilitation management, grassroots medical institution service certification research and development, medical care combined with pension certification technology research and development, through technology research and development, standard formulation, and promote The company further enhances product quality and service quality.