[Global News] Japan's Household Paper Production And Sales Declined Last Year

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, in 2018, the output of household paper in Japan decreased by 0.5% compared with the previous year, and the sales volume decreased by 0.6%, both of which showed a slight decrease. Sales increased by 1.8% to 5.58 billion yen. The average unit price rose by 1.7%.

In terms of paper grade, facial tissue production decreased by 1.5%, toilet paper decreased by 0.2%, wipe paper decreased by 0.3%, and other household papers decreased by 0.6%. The sales volume of facial tissue decreased by 1.0%, toilet paper decreased by 0.4%, wipe paper decreased by 0.9%, and other categories decreased by 0.4%.

In addition, in terms of sales, facial tissue increased by 3.7%, toilet paper increased by 0.6%, wipe paper increased by 3.5%, and other categories increased by 1.0%. In terms of average unit price, facial tissue rose 4.8% and toilet paper rose 1.0%. Wipe paper fell 3.3%, while the other category rose 3.4%.

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