Factors Influencing Adhesive And Its Strength

The basic points of the bonding theory are related to the molecular structure of the adhesive and the surface structure of the adhesive and the interactions between them. The damage experiment of adhesive system shows that the adhesive damage is four different cases.

1. Interfacial Destruction: Adhesive layer is completely separated from the surface of the adhesive body (adhesive interface complete detachment);

2. Cohesion Destruction: The destruction occurs in the adhesive or the adhesive itself, but not between the adhesive interface;

3. Mixed destruction: The adhesive and the adhesive layer itself has partial damage or only one of the two.

These damage indicate that the bonding strength is not only related to the acting force between the adhesive and the adhesive, but also the interaction between the molecules of the polymer binder.

The chemical structure of polymer molecules, as well as the aggregation states have strongly influenced the bonding strength, study the molecular structure of the adhesive substrate, and it is very important to design, synthesize and choose adhesives.