Dow Will Build More Polyurethane System Plants In The Middle East And North Africa

Shanmugananth Muthupandian, Commercial Director of the Polyurethanes Division of Dow Chemical International, said that Dow Polyurethanes' strategy in India, the Middle East and Africa is further extending to the upper end of the industry chain.

He made this statement at the recent PU Innovation Day conference in Mumbai.

He said the company will consider investing in polyurethane systems in India, the Middle East and Africa.

In recent months, Dow has increased its investment in India. Earlier this year, Dow Polyurethanes commissioned a second polyurethane system plant in the Lote Parshuram industrial zone in Ratnagiri County, Maharashtra. Target markets for the plant include consumer durables, infrastructure and automobiles.

Muthupandian declined to disclose the specific capacity details of the equipment in the Ratnagiri County, but said it was a modular plant and will soon expand capacity further.

Dow India also built a Technology Center (DITC) in Navi Mumbai this year, which has a dedicated laboratory for the development of polyurethane applications.

Muthupandian said: “In the past, our focus was on building capacity for products such as MDI and polyols, but now the focus is on moving to the top of the value chain. Our approach is to understand customer needs and design products with customer focus.”

The polyurethane business unit is also interested in market opportunities outside of India and plans to build more system plants in the next five years.

Muthupandian said: "We are considering opening more system plants in the East and North Africa region in the next five years to meet market demand."

The company currently has more than 20 production, technology and R&D bases in the region.

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