Domestic Side-by-side Two-component Technology Unveiled In Shanghai To Create A 'liquid Cotton' Nonwoven Fabric Concept

The non-woven fabric made of the side-by-side bicomponent fiber has become a new direction of market development in the field of medical and health materials due to its advantages of low gram weight, high loft and good skin-friendly properties. Half a year ago, Shandong Sweet has announced that the successful parallel test of the two-component fiber spunbond production line designed and manufactured in cooperation with Qingdao University has caused a shock in the industry. At this CIDPEX, Sweet has demonstrated their fruitful results to the industry. Liquid cotton series non-woven fabric.

Mr. Shen Zhangfei, Director and Technical Director of Shandong Svet New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that the liquid cotton series non-woven fabrics are based on this co-developed parallel two-component production line, using PP as the main raw material and applying continuous filaments. The spinning process, together with the softly modified raw materials independently developed, has good spinning stability. The highest unit yield is 200kg/m/h for stable production. The fiber can reach 0.6 denier fineness and has excellent spiral. The curling effect is at the international leading level.

Since its establishment in August 2016, Shandong Sweet has been concentrating on the design and development of parallel two-component equipment. Through in-depth cooperation with Qingdao University, the company integrates innovations from functionally modified materials, equipment, processes, products to final applications, and strives to become the most dynamic and innovative enterprise in the nonwoven industry. The formulation system of the liquid cotton series non-woven fabrics displayed by them and the parallel two-component equipment are the preliminary research and development achievements of the fusion innovation. The liquid cotton series non-woven fabric has the characteristics of uniform cloth surface, fluffy feel, dryness, soft cotton, good drape and good air permeability, and can be widely used in sanitary products, filtration, medical and other markets.

“The use of liquid cotton non-woven fabric for the inner and outer waist of the pull-on pants makes the product softer, skin-friendly, more breathable and more comfortable. It does not affect the thermal bonding or ultrasonic bonding of the waist side. The diaper top layer has a better cotton softness and fluffiness, and is more skin-friendly and dry. Products with a weight of 40 or more can be used for air or liquid filtration, disposable underwear, wipes, etc." Shen said, " The product can avoid the potential stimulation caused by hot air non-woven short fibers, and has the characteristics of traditional spunbonded filaments, and has higher production efficiency. The scrap can also be directly recycled, which can save resource consumption." At the exhibition, many international and domestic sanitary products well-known brands and raw material enterprises expressed great interest in their products, and they proposed cooperation invitations.

In recent years, China's sanitary products industry has experienced frequent innovations and products have been continuously upgraded. Shen always believes that the future development trend will be toward high-end, personalized and functional development. Shen Zong pointed out: "With the improvement of living standards, consumers have put forward higher requirements for skin-friendly and comfortable hygiene products. In terms of functionality, the demand for skin care, antibacterial and astringency is becoming more and more clear. There is a large space for development. In addition, due to the strengthening of environmental awareness, biodegradable hygiene products will also be one of the key development trends in the future. Our company has carried out corresponding special research around these directions."

Finally, Mr. Shen said that the initial goal of the company is to meet the increasing demand for high-end health and medical services by optimizing the complete technical solution of the two-component products. And gradually move toward the mainstream of material functionality and environmental protection. “In the future, we will increase investment, deep-plow composite spinning technology, and continue to integrate and innovate around modified raw materials, equipment, process technology and final application, providing customers with comprehensive product solutions and creating a more dynamic non-woven industrial innovation ecosystem. He concluded.

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