Development Trend Of Hot Melt Adhesives

Because the adhesive has the advantages of realizing the same or heterogeneous material, the joint site without stress concentration, high adhesion strength, easy to realize the combination automation operation, widely used in various fields of national economy, has become the indispensable chemical products for the development of national economy. The rapid development of national economy also provides a broad space for the development of adhesive industry, and China has become a major producer and consuming country of adhesive and adhesive tape.

Adhesives in our country really began to have large-scale production, starting from 1958. In the 80, the adhesive developed a climax. The synthetic adhesive industry in the developed world has entered a highly developed stage, the average growth rate of 3%% 90, while the average growth of China is 19.5%. After 2008 years adhesive has become one of the most rapidly developing key industries in the field of chemical industry in China.

2007-2011, the adhesive industry sales revenue and total profits of the composite growth rate of 24.52% and 38.56% respectively. 2011, China's adhesive industry to achieve sales revenue of 92.753 billion yuan, a year-on-33.25% growth, the total profits amounted to 6.112 billion yuan, an increase of 59.4%. The adhesive industry is expected to exceed 100 billion in sales revenues 2012.

In addition to the continuous and rapid growth of production and marketing in China's adhesive industry, adhesive technology has been increasing, developed a large number of advanced level of domestic and foreign products, and presented products to the modified type, reactive, multi-functional, nano-type development, applications to new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries focusing on the development trend.