Development Of Hot Melt Adhesives

With the improvement of production and living standard, the adhesive of common molecular structure has been far from satisfying the application of people in production and life, when polymer materials and nano materials become effective ways to improve the performance of various materials, polymer polymers and nano-polymers become important research directions of adhesives. In the development of the industrial enterprise modernization, the equipment cluster scale and the automatization degree are higher and more, simultaneously aiming at the equipment's safety continuous production demand is also more and more high, the traditional metal repairing method mainly the equipment maintenance technology already far cannot satisfy the more high-tech equipment maintenance demand, for this need to develop more new technologies and materials for equipment prevention and on-site solutions, for this reason, including polymer composites, the emergence of additional adhesives, in order to solve more problems to meet new application needs.

Based on this, the late 20th century, the world developed countries with United States companies as the representative of the R & D institutions, developed polymer materials and composites based on the technology of polymer composite adhesive, it is a two-component or multi-component composite material consisting of polymer and metal powder or ceramic particles, which is a high-tech discipline developed on the basis of polymer chemistry, colloid chemistry, organic chemistry and material mechanics. It can greatly solve and compensate for the application weakness of metallic materials, can be widely used in equipment parts wear, erosion, corrosion, leakage, cracks, scratches and other repair protection. Polymer composite technology has been developed into an important modern adhesive applied technology.