Development Foreground Of Wet Towel

Many businesses just try to get into the wet towel market, and do not push it as a totally independent product category. At the same time, because it is temporarily not like ordinary paper towel market, become people's necessities, so by the overall market sales, manufacturers to promote the input and consumer awareness of its limitations, the wet towel market from the real independent market still has a certain distance. "But we have to see, these years of the consumer's spontaneous acceptance of wet wipes has gradually matured, do more enterprises, buy more people, wet towel market is facing a great opportunity." ”

Industry forecasts that China's wet towel market is in the "blowout cushion period", will be a small thing to break ice and pull the entire industry growth. Can the special period of influenza become this small thing? Domestic wet towel types are mostly confined to ordinary cleaning, antibacterial wipes species, and in the world, especially in North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions of the kind of wet towel far beyond the domestic people's cognitive scope, table disinfection wipes is a popular abroad, in the domestic just emerging examples. Therefore, the domestic wet towel market is also potential to be in line with international standards. Companies also understand that market trends can not be controlled, the wet towel market, once the rise, they will have to follow up quickly. In this sense, the wet towel category market detonated, just a matter of time and sooner.