Canfor Will Reduce Production Of BCTMP From The End Of June

Canfor will reduce production of BCTMP from the end of June

Canfor Pulp announced on June 13 that its Taylor pulp mill in British Columbia, Canada, will reduce BCTMP from June 29 to August 5.

The company said that the production cut was mainly due to the weak market and the industry-wide reduction in sawmill industry in the province's inland region (BC Interior) in a short period of time.

The Taylor plant has a BCTMP capacity of approximately 220,000 tons/year, and this reduction will reduce supply by approximately 25,000 tons.


Leshan Power: Successfully transferred 4.16% equity of Yongfeng Paper, with a transaction price of 22.5 million yuan

Leshan Electric Power Co., Ltd. announced on June 14 that it recently received the “State-owned Assets Transaction Voucher” and “Auction Deal Confirmation” from Leshan Property Rights Exchange Co., Ltd., and the company’s shareholding company, Sichuan Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd. The 4.16% equity was successfully listed on the Leshan Property Rights Exchange Co., Ltd.

The transferee was Suzhou Junjing Industrial Co., Ltd., and the transaction price was RMB 22.5 million. After the transfer is completed, Leshan Power will no longer hold equity in Yongfeng Paper. The equity transfer will increase the company's total profit by approximately RMB 16 million.

In April, Leshan Property Rights Exchange Center Co., Ltd. announced that Yongfeng Paper will transfer about 11.38% of the state-owned shares to the public bidding, including 3.9 million state-owned shares held by the Muchuan County State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office, accounting for 7.22%. Leshan Electric Power Co., Ltd. holds 2.25 million state-owned shares, accounting for 4.16%.

In May, Leshan Property Rights Exchange Center stated that 7.22% of the state-owned shares of Yongfeng Paper had also been transferred, and the transaction price was 39 million yuan, but the transferee information was not announced.


A new round of central eco-environmental inspectors started soon, and five “close-knit” are the focus of attention.

People's Daily reported on June 13 that the second round of the Central Eco-Environmental Inspector was launched soon. Liu Changgen, executive deputy director of the Central Ecological Environmental Inspectorate Office, said in an exclusive interview with the People’s Daily that “still insisting on problem-oriented” has become the core keyword of the second round of inspectors. This round of inspectors to solve outstanding ecological problems and improve ecology. Focusing on environmental quality and promoting high-quality economic development, we will continue to consolidate the political responsibility for ecological civilization construction and ecological environmental protection, and resolutely help to fight the battle against pollution.

"Five pegs are the focus of a new round of inspectors." Liu Changgen explained that it is necessary to keep a close eye on the implementation of ecological and environmental political responsibility, closely focus on the development concept and development mode, and closely focus on the prominent ecological environment. Solve, closely focus on the first round of inspectors and "look back" to find problems rectification, and closely focus on the long-term mechanism of ecological and environmental protection.

"In the future work, we will emphasize the effect of supervision." Liu Changgen said: We must pay more attention to prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage from the source, resolutely fight the battle against pollution, pay more attention to the impact of industrial structure on the ecological environment, and promote industrial restructuring. The implementation of policies and measures such as layout optimization has forced economic and high-quality development; more attention has been paid to the landscape community of lakes and grasses in the landscape, and the ecological and environmental protection work has been comprehensively promoted.

Liu Changgen revealed that the new round of inspectors will further innovate ways and methods, and use more new technologies and equipment such as remote sensing satellites, drones, sky-eye monitoring, and unmanned ships to enhance the discovery of ecological and environmental problems and focus on large-scale ecology. Inspectors of environmental issues; at the same time, we must make great use of the strength of relevant departments, technical units and experts to help inspectors obtain first-hand information and data quickly, accurately and efficiently, and then analyze, sort out and discover problem clues for follow-up Provide support for surveys, fixed evidence, and sinking inspectors.

Strengthening compliance with laws and regulations is also the focus. Liu Changgen said that on the basis of the first round of inspectors and the practice of "reviewing", the government will soon introduce the provisions of the central ecological environmental protection supervision work, constantly improve the supervision system, constantly standardize the supervision behavior, and ensure that the supervision work is clean and positive.


Relaxation of pollution control, deterioration of air quality, six cities such as Baoding, were interviewed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment

According to the Economic Daily News, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on June 13th about the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter from 2018 to 2019, about Baoding, Langfang, Hebei Province, Luoyang, Anyang, Fuyang, Henan Province, Jinzhong City Government of Shanxi Province.

According to reports, the above six cities have not completed the task of improving air quality in autumn and winter from 2018 to 2019. The average concentration of PM2.5 during the autumn and winter from October 2018 to March 2019 did not fall and the air quality deteriorated significantly.

Chen Liang, the inspector of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate Office, said that the recent special inspections revealed that the above-mentioned six cities had relaxed their efforts to promote the blue sky defense. Some key tasks were not completed, some problems rebounded, and air pollution control work lags behind. For example, in the autumn and winter of 2018 to 2019, the average concentration of PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and ozone in Baoding City increased by 12.9%, 11.85%, 9.43%, 15.38% and 4.04% respectively, and the number of heavy pollution days increased by 10 days. The air quality has deteriorated severely. At the same time, the inspector found that Baoding City had insufficient research and control on the comprehensive management of air pollution. In 2018, the clean coal promotion task only completed 29.1%, and some coal-free areas had re-ignition of loose coal.

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