Analysis Of The Development Trend Of The Adhesive Industry In 2019

Environmentally friendly adhesives become mainstream, and emerging application markets are rapidly emerging

In recent years, China's environmental protection policies have become increasingly sound, and our people's health and environmental awareness has also increased. Water-based adhesives, new hot melt adhesives, solvent-free, UV-curable, high-solids and other environmentally friendly products have emerged. It has been favored and valued by the market. At the same time, the adhesive exhibition has reached new heights and the development momentum is on the rise. The current environmentally friendly adhesives are gradually becoming the mainstream of the industry. At the same time, the rapid rise of strategic emerging application markets, such as automobiles, new energy, fabricated buildings, electronics, and aircraft manufacturing, has brought greater challenges to our technology application services, and has also brought more to our business. More demand opportunities.

The industry is expanding in scale and intensification

At present, most of China's adhesive companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, and some are even small-scale enterprises. They produce mostly low-end products, relying on mass production and small profits but quick turnover to obtain relatively low profit returns. In the future, with the rising cost of raw materials and labor in the industry, China's adhesive industry will accelerate the rational adjustment of the scale structure, achieve large-scale restructuring of the adhesive industry, concentrate production factors to advantageous enterprises, and achieve intensive and large-scale production of adhesives.

Uncertainty brought about by Sino-US trade friction

As the most important partner of adhesives and adhesive tape industry in the United States, the adhesive and adhesive tape industry in China and the United States has formed a high dependence on you and me, and the industrial chain of both sides is highly complementary. If China and the United States further expand the tariff increase action, the impact and impact of the adhesive and adhesive tape industry will be more direct and obvious. The industry must pay great attention to it, and it is necessary to closely observe market demand, product prices, investment confidence, industry operation, and exchange rate. Changes and other aspects. Sino-US trade frictions have shown that there is a huge technological gap between the two sides. In the future, it will be difficult to continue with the market for technology, capital for technology, and talent for technology. Only by independent innovation and catching up can we take the initiative.

Firmly grasp the new opportunities of the “Belt and Road”

The Belt and Road Initiative has added new impetus to the sustainable development of the adhesives and adhesives industry and provides a new platform. Throughout the customs import and export data in recent years, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe are both concentrated areas for the export of our products. It is also our company to strengthen overseas investment and build factories, establish R&D centers, improve sales and service bases, and improve the research and development of high-end products. The opportunity to create capacity. We encourage powerful enterprises to “go global” and strive to build a dual channel of domestic and smooth international sales, and actively respond to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, and strive to promote the development of enterprises toward a larger scope, a higher level, and a deeper level.

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