Adult Diaper That Can Be Washed Away In The Toilet

Newborns have low innovation, some areas have more houses than people, and villages and towns are gradually disappearing... Despite the extreme aging, Japan has also discovered a new business opportunity, the adult diaper business.

The Tokyo News reported that, considering the needs of the “silver society”, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has planned a road map for the rushing of adult diapers, and plans to put this method of handling disposable diapers into practice this year to alleviate The workload of caregivers and other caregivers.

In the road map plan, the separation method will be adopted first, the urine will be separated by using the preparation, the separated urine will be washed into the sewer, and the diaper will be treated as conventional garbage; in the future, it is desirable to put the used diaper directly into the machine for crushing.

The “Can Wash Out Diapers” program was first proposed by a research group in December 2016. Last year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan established a group of university professors, local officials and industry associations to develop specific measures.

Social welfare agencies took the lead in expressing their welcome. An elderly care facility in Nagoya, Japan, said that the diaper waste used by 20 inhabitants of the institution can be filled with three 90-liter garbage bags, which will make the burden on the staff.

Japan is accelerating its entry into a super ageing society, with more than 20% of the population ageing over 65%.

The demographic report released by the Japanese government at the end of last year showed that the population problem in Japan had a situation of “low births and low deaths”; in 2018, the number of newborn babies in Japan was low, with fewer than one million people in the third consecutive year, naturally dying. The population has reached a record high.

As aging progresses, the demand for care for the elderly has risen. According to the Japan Federation of Sanitary Materials Industries (JHPIA), the output of adult diapers reached 7.8 billion in 2017, 1.4 times that of 2010.

As early as 2011, the Japanese diaper manufacturer's largest diaper manufacturer, You Nijia's adult diapers, surpassed the baby diapers for the first time in Japan. Market research firm Euromonitor estimates that the market in Japan in 2016 was $1.8 billion, accounting for 20% of the global adult diaper market.

In addition to Japan, the United States and other countries are also expected to have a great demand for adult diapers, Eurominitor expects:

During the period of 2015-2020, sales of adult diapers in the United States will increase by 48%, while sales of baby diapers will increase by only 2.6% during the same period;

During the period of 2017-2022, sales of adult diapers in the United States will increase by 36%, while sales of baby diapers will fall by 4%.

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