2019 Brazil International Paper Exhibition And Tissue Paper Exhibition

2019 Brazil International Paper Exhibition and Tissue Paper Exhibition

 ● Date: October 22, 2019 - October 24, 2019

 ● Exhibition Hall: São Paulo International Convention and Exhibition Center

 ● Exhibition content:

Exhibition content

Papermaking machinery and equipment: pulp manufacturing machinery equipment and accessories, paper machinery equipment, carton machinery equipment, parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, processing paper equipment, dewatering, pressing equipment, pumps, valves, pipes and new technology equipment, Paper energy-saving technology and equipment;

Papermaking automation and computer control system: papermaking automatic inspection and control instruments, instruments and transmission equipment, DCS process control, QCS quality control and paper machine drive control, computer networked control system;

Papermaking environmental protection and three waste treatment technology equipment: white water recycling technology and equipment, deinking technology and equipment, recycled paper processing and environmental protection processing equipment, middle water treatment, black liquor recycling technology equipment, papermaking three waste treatment, comprehensive utilization of new technologies and equipment ;

Paper raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products: various paper, cartons, cardboard, cardboard boxes and other paper products packaging materials, various industrial and household paper processing paper, papermaking nets, felts and other raw and auxiliary materials;

Paper chemicals; handling and packaging machinery and equipment

This exhibition has newly added a hand towel exhibition area.


 ● Organizer: Brazilian Paper Association

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