what is release paper for sanitary napkins

Release paper, also known as silicone paper, anti - stick paper. The main function is to isolate sticky objects, such as tape. In the use of the general need to be stripped, thrown away; Now widely used, mainly tape or carrier with rubber products, of course, in the food, medical and health industry is not described here in detail.

The classification of release paper can be divided into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper. Also can be classified by release agent silicone release paper and non-silicon release paper, plastic release paper.

Because release agent has a certain permeability, if there is no certain barrier, release agent will infiltrate into the paper, resulting in poor curing and release agent usage is too large (cost is too high) and many other adverse factors. So need to do on paper besmeared model processing (common name drench film), domestic USES polyethylene (PE) particle to undertake drench film commonly, requirement melt index is in 7 or so. Domestic PE particles are generally 1C 7A of yanshan petrochemical. It is divided into single-plastic-release paper and double-plastic-release paper. No plastic release paper, mainly graxin, CCK and other specially treated release paper.