what is release paper?

Release paper also known as isolation paper, anti - stick paper, silicone paper. The utility model relates to a stickproof paper which can prevent the prepreg from adhesion and protect the prepreg from contamination. Release from the paper coated with anti - stick material made of paper, its model should be based on the material, thickness, elongation, single - sided difference and distinction.




(1) geracin (the backing paper is geracin) silicone paper: high temperature resistant, moisture-proof, oil-proof, generally used in the food industry packaging.


(2) ordinary release paper: moisture-proof, oil-proof, plays a role in the isolation of the product, applicable to the industry: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., its use range is mostly with adhesive, especially tape, so generally, the product to use tape will use release paper.


(3)PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foam process to undertake the role.




Folds are sorted by color


A, single silicon white release paper, refers to one side is plain paper, one side is silicone oil, more commonly used.


B, monosilicon yellow (blue) release paper, refers to the two sides are yellow (blue) release paper.


Fold by gram


Range from 35 g/m to 250 g/m (can be higher).


Folding is classified by silicone oil


According to the presence or absence of silicone oil can be divided into silicone paper and coated paper.


Note: the film paper is only the base paper and film, if it is silicone paper refers to three kinds of paper have.


Folding is classified as single or double sided


A, double silicon single seal, refers to one side is silicone oil, one side only the film, the kind of cleanliness will be improved.


B, disilicon, refers to silicon oil on both sides.


C, single silicon.


D, coated paper, also known as white plastic paper.


Folding is classified by place of production


A. domestic products.


B. import.