What is release film for sanitary napkins

Release film is a silicone release agent coated on the surface of environment-friendly PET, PE and OPP films, so that it can show extremely light and stable release force for various organic pressure sensitive adhesives.

Different organic pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as hot-melt adhesives, acrylic adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives in rubber system, require different release force of release film. According to different adhesives of isolation product, release force should be adjusted correspondingly to achieve extremely light and stable release force during stripping.

The release film can be divided into:

PE release film; PET release film, OPP release film, compound release film (i.e. the base material is composed of two or more materials), etc.

According to the parting force, it can be divided into:

Light release film, medium release film, heavy release film.

According to the color, it can be divided into:

PET release film of red, yellow, green, blue and other colors.

According to surface treatment, it can be divided into:

Single-side release film, double-side release film, silicon-free release film, fluoroplastic release film, single-side corona, double-side corona, frosted release film, matte release film, etc.

Single release film:

HDPE release film; Used for LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) release film of waterproof rolling material such as sealing tape; Packaging of mechanical products, hot-melt adhesive packaging, health care products (diaper), anti-corrosion rolling materials such as BOPP (stretch polypropylene) release film; Used for sealing tape, silent tape PET (stretch polyester) release film; Double-side release film for adhesive backing protection; Red/green polyolefin (PE).

Double-side release film:

Used for foam tape transparent PET double-side release film; Double-sided adhesive anti-sun insulating film (HDPE silver coating film); Waterproofing film, sun protection and cooling with enhanced aluminum substrate BOPP enhanced (BOPET).