what is perforated film for sanitary napkins

Main materials:

Films made of PE or other materials are mainly made of polyethylene and supplemented with fillers, coupling agents and dispersants suitable for their special process requirements. The material has a fine and dense arrangement of pores, the special funnel-shaped infiltration hole, easy infiltration and difficult reverse infiltration. The surface is soft and fine, with good permeability and absorption characteristics, especially good reverse permeability. Used for sanitary towel surface layer material, can always keep fresh and clean.


Metering, mixing, drying, feeding, screw melting - the - stretch film cooling - vacuum cooling, cutting, punching - winding


* perforation film and PE bottom film have ash, but ash is too high easy to lead to excessive PH value

* winding direction: one side of the film is smooth after perforating (using surface), and the other side is convex. It is necessary to confirm which side is closed outside. In the industry, the use side is closed outside and is called positive winding.

* loading quantity: 2.3 tons /20GP, 5.6 tons /40HQ

Well-known manufacturers:

International: Tredegar (Shanghai, guangzhou)

Domestic: xiamen Yan jiang Jan

Perforated for sanitary napkins topsheet