What is PE coating, PU coating, PVC coating?

1.PA (polyacrylate) 2. PU (polyurethane) 3. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) 4. PE (polyethylene)

First, PA coating, also known as AC coating, that is, acrylic coating, is the most common and common coating at present. After application, it can increase the hand feeling, windproof and drape. 2. PA white glue coating, which is coated with a layer of white acrylic resin on the surface of the fabric, can increase the coverage of the cloth surface, not transparent, and make the color of the cloth more vivid. 3. PA silver glue coating, that is, coating a layer of silver-white glue on the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric has the function of shading and radiation prevention, and is generally used for curtains, tents and garments.

Second, PU coating: 1. PU coating, that is, polyurethane coating, after coating, the fabric feels full, elastic, and the surface has a film feel. 2. PU white glue coating, that is, coating a white polyurethane resin on the surface of the fabric, the effect is basically the same as PA white glue, but the PU white glue is more full after application, the fabric is more elastic and the fastness is better. 3. PU silver glue coating, the basic function is the same as PA silver glue coating. However, PU coated silver fabric has better elasticity and better fastness. For fabrics requiring high water pressure such as tents, PU coated silver is better than PA coated silver.

Third, PVC coating: PVC film is toxic and easy to age. Features: Can be coated thick, relatively cheap, common with calendering process, used for raincoat bags and so on. PVC has a rough hand and a PVC that is calendered and harder.

Fourth, polyethylene (PE) is non-toxic, low cost and low in consumption.