what is nonwovne frontal tape for baby diaper

Nonwoven frontal tape is a kind of special designed Velcro tape made by the combination of long fiber spunbond nonwoven or short fiber carding nonwoven and long fiber spunbond nonwoven. Since Velcro is only made of non-woven fabric, all Velcro is softer and cheaper because it has been widely used in recent years. Meanwhile, with the wide application of flexographic printing technology and the design of new embossing, the embossing appearance and color pattern of the non-woven front will be more abundant, and the non-woven front will eventually replace the net and suede front.


Non-woven frontal tape, as a result of nonwovens for density, relative net cloth and flannelette Velcro, stripping force is relatively small, because you need to use the optimal injection hook to improve magic buckle with non-woven frontal tape stripping force, usually FM10 0.8 2.0 n / 25 mm, the shear stress at the same time more than 30 n is generally thought that can meet the safe use and can avoid the mistake in the process of open, after the collapse of open after the meal or wet diapers drop caused by the collapse.


Nonwoven frontal tape printing: usually nonwoven Velcro is embossed and then printed on nonwoven fabric. Due to the uneven surface surface, flexographic printing technology is usually required to meet the color requirements. With the popularity and technical progress of flexographic printing in the front strap manufacturers, the color of the printing pattern on nonwoven front strap will become more and more abundant. At the same time, the thermal transfer process of the clothing industry has become a kind of printing method of non-woven fabric front paste!



1. Lightness and lightness: with fiber as the main production raw material, the specific gravity is close and fluffy.

2. Soft texture: it is composed of fine fibers and formed by light point hot melt adhesive, with good softness of the finished product.

3. Non-toxic and non-irritating: PP material products are produced with food grade raw materials conforming to FDA, free from other chemical products, with stable performance, non-toxic, no odor and no irritation to the skin.

Non-woven frontal tape minimum weight: minimum 43-45g

nonwoven frontal tape for baby diaper