what is Knitted fronal tape and felt frontal tape

Knitted and felt frontal tape is mesh fabric or flannelette with low gram OPP or PET film composite material, by high viscosity of hot melt adhesive or PUR glue or diluted solvent of high viscosity of hot melt glue will net cloth or flannelette with thin film composite, printing design is usually printed on the film, and match frontal tape with velcro, can be repeatedly paste, free adjustment firmness.

Knitted fronal tape is also called hook loop Velcro, which can fix the diaper through the hook loop of free end and the hook hook of mushroom head. The net weight of net Velcro is low, which will not cover the printing pattern of the underlying film, and the pattern is clear.

felt frontal tape is a kind of design of warp knitting flannelette, usually want to raising the flannelette, make the flannelette surface produces burr, like this can produce enough fixed stripping force ensures good diapers, suede Velcro as a result of the flannelette gram is relatively high, the underlying film printing patterns have certain resistance, can affect the definition of the printing design, soft color printing design is generally appropriate design.

At present Knitted and felt frontal tape technology is very mature, and can be used with any manufacturer's injection hook.

3M EBL flannelette front strap is a flannelette front strap with pull stripes, which has better stereoscopic effect and softness compared with ordinary Velcro.

Knitted and felt frontal tape with high retention and appropriate stripping force, generally with colorful cartoon print.

knitted frontal tape for baby diaper