What is an adhesive?

An organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic substance of the same or two or more homogeneous or heterogeneous articles (or materials), which are collectively referred to as an adhesive or Adhesives, adhesives, and habits are simply referred to as glues.

It is divided into natural polymer compounds (starch, animal skin glue, bone glue, natural rubber, etc.), synthetic polymer compounds (epoxy resin, phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, polyurethane and other thermosetting resins, polyvinyl acetal, perchloroethylene resin, etc. Thermoplastic resin, synthetic rubber such as neoprene or nitrile rubber, or inorganic compound (silicate, phosphate, etc.). Curing agents, accelerators, reinforcing agents, olefin releasing agents, fillers, and the like are often incorporated into the adhesive according to the requirements of use. According to the purpose of classification, it can also separate warm glue, sealant, structural adhesive and so on. According to the use process, there are room temperature curing adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, and the like. The adhesive can be used to connect dissimilar materials and sheet materials, and the stress distribution at the joint is uniform. Epoxy resin, neoprene and sealant are commonly used in container manufacturing and repair.

In recent years, organic adhesives have become more and more widely used, and the bonding technology has also matured, and it has become one of the three major connection technologies of bonding, welding and mechanical connection.