What is airthrough nonwoven

Air through nonwoven belongs to a kind of hot air bonding (hot rolling, hot air) non-woven fabric. Air through nonwoven is a kind of non-woven fabric generated by combing the fibers and using the hot air on the drying equipment to penetrate the fiber network and make it heated.


Principle of hot air bonding


Hot air bonding refers to the drying equipment in the use of hot air through the fiber mesh heating fusion and produce bonding mode of production, the use of heating mode is different, the product performance and style of different products. The product that general hot wind agglutinates makes has fleeciness, soft, flexibility is good, keep warm the characteristic such as sex is strong, but intensity on the low side, be easy to be out of shape.



The production process

structure for baby diaper

One-step method: unwrapping mixed opening vibration ration feeding double cylinder double doffer wide width and high speed carding into a net hot air oven automatic coiling cutting


Two - step method: open the cotton mixing machine feeding machine card machine net machine main card machine hot air oven coiling machine cutting machine


Production process and products


Thermally bonded nonwovens can be heated in different ways. Bonding method and process, fiber type and carding process and fiber mesh structure will ultimately affect the performance and appearance of nonwoven fabric.


For fiber mesh with low melting point or bicomponent fiber, hot rolling bonding or hot air bonding can be used. For ordinary thermoplastic fiber and its mixed with non-thermoplastic fiber mesh, hot rolling bonding can be adopted.


The product application


Hot air adhesive products with high turgor, good elasticity, soft to the touch, strong heat preservation, good air permeability and other characteristics, but its strength is low, easy to deformation. With the development of the market, hot air adhesive products are widely used in the manufacturing of disposable products with its unique style, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, women's sanitary materials and cloth napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc. Thick type products for the production of winter clothing, bedding, baby sleeping bags, mattresses, sofa cushions. High-density hot-melt bonding products, can be used for the production of filter materials, sound insulation materials, damping materials.

airthrough nonwoven for baby diaper