What is airlaid paper

Airlaid Paper, also known as Airlaid pulp nonwovens, is a kind of dry nonwovens. Airlaid paper has unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, softness, feel, excellent vertical sense, with extremely high water absorption and good water retention performance, is widely used in health care supplies, special medical supplies, industrial cleaning supplies and other fields.


From its English name can be seen clean paper two main characteristics: one is the raw material for wood pulp fiber; Second, the use of air network technology. The production technology of nonwovens mainly consists of two processes: netting and reinforcement. Chemical bonding and thermal bonding are two main methods used in dry papermaking nonwoven fabric production. According to its consolidate craft different, its raw material and use differ somewhat, make an introduction respectively below.


Hot bonding method is in the wood pulp fiber mixed with hot melt fiber, mixing proportion is generally not less than 15%, after the air into a network, through hot air or hot rolling to make the low melting point in the fiber mesh fiber melting and strengthening into cloth. Thermal bonding nonwovens are mainly used as absorbent cores of high absorbent sanitary products and thin sanitary pads for women because they do not contain chemical adhesives. For this purpose, some production lines are equipped with high absorbent resin (SAP) powder application devices. Because of the addition of macromolecular water absorbent resin, the water can be changed into a solid after water absorption, greatly improving its water absorption capacity.


Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; Highly effective water absorption; Softness does not damage surfaces; Provide adequate dry and wet strength; Low ion release; Not easy to cause chemical reaction. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function; Highly absorbent, soft and will not damage the surface of the object; Provide adequate dry and wet strength; Optional edge sealing: ultrasonic, cold cutting. Clean cloth the edge of the product is sealed by the most advanced edge-cutting machine, no particles and thread will be left after wiping, with strong decontamination ability.