what are hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive (English name: Hot melt adhesive) is a plastic adhesive. Within a certain temperature range, its physical state changes with the change of temperature, but its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is a non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly chemical product.

Hot melt adhesive is one of the most important properties for its pollution-free and pollution-free properties. And make it in place of solvent followed by a great advantage. If can coordinate the equipment and the price can become the material which has the economic benefit. The packaging industry accounts for more than 50% of the market for hot-melt adhesive applications. These packaging materials include corrugated cardboard boxes, corrugated paper boxes, laminated cans, adhesive tapes and other laminated coating materials. Nonwoven textiles include sanitary napkins, diapers, clothing fitting, stitching, etc. Weaving products include garments, seams, tape, carpet back glue. Office supplies include tape, official documents, self-adhesive labels, file folders. The component portfolio includes soda, electronics, book packaging, furniture, footwear, handmade handicrafts, and carpentry, plywood, etc.

Then some mom will be curious, hot melt adhesive in our diapers where? Why can't we get a pair of diapers without hot melt adhesive?

Actually in the process of production of diapers is a complex process, it is by the surface layer of non-woven fabric, leakproof non-woven fabric, the core body, the core body coated non-woven, basement membrane, membrane non-woven, former stick, stick around, non-woven fabric around the waist, rubber and so on raw materials on a fully automated production line through the hot melt glue a quantitative used to implement the layers of composite.

In the process of using hot melt adhesive, we need to use the adhesive machine equipment. There are two ways of gluing:

One is spray glue, the other is scraping glue.

These two methods use an airbrush and a scraping gun. The airbrush USES several small holes in the spiral to blow out the gas at a set air pressure. The glue from the glue hole in the middle of the air hole is pressed into a spiral and sprayed on the surface of the composite material.

And some brands of diapers often give customer complaints or on the back of the product surface have some yellow glue, this is called a glue in industry, a defective product, the formation of drops of glue is because in the production of this a few screw hole appeared in the process of blockage, glue after pressed out from pipes, not under the effect of spiral gas, at a certain time condense into clumps of glue dripping on the product. The probability is so small that it can be calculated as a few parts per million or even a few parts per million.

However, since the glue just drops onto the product is white, it cannot form an effective color difference with the product surface. Therefore, the advanced visual inspection system for stains used by some large factories cannot be 100% removed.

With the current level of technology in the industry can not completely avoid the formation of glue. Of course, industry experts have begun to study a higher definition camera system for the removal of glue waste, we hope that this technology can be achieved earlier.

Hot melt adhesive for diaper