Use of diapers

Diapers can take the baby's stool, easy to absorb water to wet, avoid polluting bedding and clothing.

The newborn's skin is very delicate, so the child's diaper is soft, the principle of absorbing water, can use old clothes such as cotton sweater pants, old is inside, white gauze and so on diapers, the color should be shallow, easy to observe the urine and defecate color, absolutely cannot use chemical fiber fabrics make diapers, it not only water absorption poor, but also prone to skin allergy. With the development of science and technology, now the market appears "urine is not wet" and disposable diapers, their characteristics are soft, absorbent, the surface of the water, some of the use of special materials, advanced technology made by special treatment, after the urine crystallization, urine will not flooded the skin of children, also will not pollute underwear, bedding.

Homemade diapers, size and thickness to be appropriate, not too large and too thick, too small too thin, if too thick, will hinder the infant's activities. If too small and thin, urine will overflow and seep. The edges are also bruised.

Young mothers should often observe the appearance of the infant's stool to change diapers in time. The folding method of diapers varies, one is a long diaper, two is triangular diapers. Under the single diaper also need to add cotton diapers, make square, in the old cotton wadding, cotton diapers can absorb more moisture.