Use And Maintenance Of Hot Melt Adhesive Machine System

Standard using of the hot melt adhesive machine system is not only to ensure the machine keep safely, normally and steady working, but also an important factor to keep the packing machines and production lines working stability. Hot melt adhesive machine system must be handled and maintained by professional staff after training, to avoid burning, fires and other personal injuries and equipment damages.

In this article, use and maintenance of hot melt machine system, mainly focus on the bag wrapping, carton sealing and small box side sealing and other applications, the EVA using or polyolefin hot melt adhesives. Within the other applications such as stickers, labels and many packaging applications, the glue machine system’s temperature should be subject to the manufacturer offered as standard, besides the temperature setting,  it’s also available for the other using and maintaining requirements.

Safety Instructions Of Operation And Maintenance 

1. The glue machine, heating pipes and spray guns all containing circuit components, the inappropriate operation will cause danger.So maintenance of the equipment should be carried on by the trained professional staff.

2. Wear safety gloves and goggles when handling molten adhesive to minimize the risk of burns.

3. Relieve the pressure before loosen the system and pipe joints to prevent burns.

4. Removing the components when operation and maintenance, should be using the heat gun or soaked in the heated R solvent, please don’t heated fire guns directly.

Using of the hot melt adhesive machine system

The hot melt adhesive machine system standard using mainly noticed as the followings:

1. As recommended the glue cylinder temperature should be set with 150-160℃,should not more than 170℃ to retard carbonizing of the hot melt adhesive to extending the equipment life.

2. Heating without spraying glue more than 2 hours, the hot melt machine should be reduced 50 ℃ of the operating temperature of about  (press the standby heat insulation keys), if the downtime more than 4 hours, it is recommended to turn off the machine power.

3. The supply voltage of machine system should be 220 / 380V, ± 10%.

4. The supply air pressure of the machine system shall not be less than 5 Bar, and the air supply shall be dust-free, oil-free and clean.Gun solenoids pressure monitoring is recommended to install a separate table,the instantaneous value of the fluctuations in air pressure should not exceed 1.5Bar.


5. Pump pressure recommended setting as 2-4 Bar.

6. To develop a good habit of adding glue, adding the glue with a small quantities and several times. Regularly check the glue level in the glue box and keep the glue level in the same height.


7. The liquid level is usually maintained at the glue cylinder 2/3 level above, not less than 1/2 of the cylinder (for special case, such as a small amount of glue can be lower than the cylinder 1/2 and follow the principle of adding the glue with a small quantities and several times).


8. Keep the glue box clean, adding the impurities into the glue cylinder is strictly forbidden, cover the glue box immediately after adding the glues. Seal the bags contained the hot-melt adhesives in time to keep away from the dust and other impurities.

9. After the nozzle is blocked, it must be cleaned up in time to ensure that the spray pressure and flow are normal.


10. When adjusting the 90 ° nozzle spray glue position, nut must be  released and rotary spray nozzle hole position, and then tighten out nut after adjusting nozzle spray glue position.

11. Solenoid valve should be installed near the gun, it is recommended to use a metal pipe directly attached to the gun body to ensure a good response of spray gun and improve the accuracy of the location of the spray.

12. Replace the different brands and traits of hot-melt adhesives, the hot melt glue in the original rubber cylinder must be used up or emptied before adding new glue. To avoid the two kinds of hot melt adhesive mixed in the cylinder flotation of gels and impurities, aggravate the hot melt adhesive deterioration of carbonation and then plug the nozzle, filters and so on.

Maintenance of hot melt machine system

1. Clean the melted and cover the surface of the gun carbides every day, so as not to affect the normal work of the gun. If the surface of the gun has been formed carbide, you can use R solvent wipe softened to remove.

2. Spray the melted filter every day.

3. Check and clean the filter of hot melt filter machine every month.

4.  Every six months should replace filter core between the throat of pipe and glue gun. Check whether there is any damage or abnormality in the electrical connection inside the hot melt adhesive main unit. Make sure all electrical connections are locked.

5. Clean the hot melt machine system thoroughly every year and replace the melted filter.

The above routine maintenance is recommended as follows: