The reason of closure system not firm enough

1. Improper use

The waist sticks in use process, a lot of mom because worry sticks too loose, can pull quite close, bring about the position that sticks over the waist to stick on the cotton with soft diaper directly on sealing, perhaps make the waist sticks encounter dress and fiber, as a result of sundry adulterate can affect the effect that the waist sticks, namely we say stick not firm.

Correct method: the mother's hand must be dry, clean in the case of the baby to change the diaper, the waist paste fixed in the diaper waist paste sealing parts.

The size of the diaper is not suitable

If the diaper is bought too big or too small, it will cause the deviation of the position of the waist paste, which is not stuck on the right position, resulting in the weak adhesive paste. Therefore, it is better to choose the diaper which is not too big or too small, but suitable for the baby's weight and waist size.

3. Bad diapers

The waist of inferior diaper sticks a place to compare flimsy, it is the blemish that manufacturing craft and fabrics choose!