the raw materials for release paper and release film

▼ from type membrane

Silicon release film: generally used with acrylic adhesive, it can play a very good role in separating adhesive molecules, and can easily remove the double-sided adhesive from the release film.

Fluorine release film: it is used with silica gel, because silica gel and silicon release film are easy to have chemical reaction, and fluorine can effectively isolate silica gel molecules.

1, industry matching standard: 3:1 is the minimum mold release force matching of double-sided tape master roll production, 5:1 is the minimum mold release force matching of die-cutting products, but many people have the meaning of the wrong, its mold release film matching ratio is based on the mold release force of each double-sided tape and mold release film bonding, non-universal standard mold release force.

2, single die cutting product single piece of glue (or gudao glue) less than 10 mm should increase the ratio of mold release film release force.

3. The effect of parting film is to isolate the penetration of double-sided adhesive and generate parting force. However, the thicker the layer of double-sided adhesive is, the more fluidity of the adhesive will be.

4. Do your best to increase the proportion of parting film and reduce the risk of reverse parting without affecting the use of customers.

The main functions of the release film are isolation, filling, protection and easy stripping. Set off the impact of the film must be selected to set off the impact, hardness is enough.

▼ from type paper

Glue factory generally selects the high amount of coating from type paper, and the composite factory general medium was used for the coating weight from type paper, if thermal compound, that also need to select high coating weight from type paper, protective film (water glue) only need to lower coating weight from type paper, coating weight from type paper for oil used plastic protective film, high coating weight from type paper is not suitable for protective film.

Due to the climate, die-cutting plant in winter should choose the stripping force from the heavy, summer should choose the stripping force from the light. Some special requirements of tape, in the die-cutting process of release paper, need to contact with the release coating suppliers. Production activities can only be carried out after in-depth testing and comparison. Otherwise a lot of waste will be produced. Scrambled paper is not unable to use, if it is not high requirements of the place, can still be used.