The key points of paper towel

1, pay attention to the outside packaging should have factory name, site, telephone, shelf life, effective ingredients, production batches, production date, health license number, implementation hygiene standard number, use instructions and attention matters.

2, pay attention to different uses of wet wipes have their own shelf life. 0 "Ordinary wet wipes" is mainly used for cleaning skin, the shelf life is generally 6 months-3 years. 0 "Disinfection wipes" is divided into two kinds, a kind of cleaning and disinfection for small wound and surrounding skin; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, for skin cleaning, lubrication, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, sanitary ware disinfection, the two kinds of sterilization wipes shelf life of 2 years. 0 "Baby Special Care Wipes" is devoted to cleaning and caring for the baby's face or hips, with a shelf life of 1.5-3 years. 0 "Lady Remover Special Wipes" shelf life is generally 3 years; "Lady Care Special Wipes" shelf life is generally 1 years.

3, attention to sensory sex: Qualified wet wipes have a soft, elegant flavor, texture white, use will not be lint.

4, pay attention to sealing: bags of wet wipes should be sealed, must not be damaged; boxed and canned wipes should be packed intact and not damaged. The packing is sealed in order to keep the germicidal efficacy of the wet wipes. After the use of wet towel, should be affixed to seal, to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in wet towel drying effect of use.

5, attention irritation: Do not use wet wipes directly to wipe eyes, middle ear and mucous membranes, such as the use of wet towel after skin redness, itching, stimulation reactions, and other symptoms, should immediately stop the use, serious should be to the hospital emergency.