​The development and status of frontal tape and side tape

With the development of new material technology, the development of closure system of open and closed diaper has gone through many stages.


Early diapers frontal tape is used polypropylene membrane and around waist stick composite tape tie-in way, the tie-in combination effectively solved the problem of wear diapers, but after repeated use composite tape, glue vulnerable to pollution, cause the loss of glue viscosity, the peel and shear effect will be weakened, and easy to stick the skin, it is difficult to be repeatedly used, a few low-end diapers are still using this structure.


After the emergence of the magic clasp that can be used repeatedly, the frontal tape material also has a variety of new developments, among which the most used is the polypropylene material braided net paste. When used together with the magic side tape, its peel and shear performance is better, but the plastic sense is stronger and not soft enough.


At the present stage, the non-woven frontal tape has been widely used. Compared with the soft velvet frontal tape, its cost is more advantageous, but its peel and shear performance and stability are not as good as the soft velvet front strap.


In order to meet the demand for product differentiation in the design of different diapers, magic buckle products have formed different forms of composite products, including y-shaped composite magic buckle, s-cut composite magic buckle, and magic buckle with elastic big ears.


At the present stage, the degree of automation of diaper production equipment has been greatly improved. More and more manufacturers use the online magic button compound form to design more left and right waist sticker structure.

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