The characteristics of release paper

Release paper also known as isolation paper, anti - stick paper, silicone paper. The utility model relates to a stickproof paper which can prevent the prepreg from adhesion and protect the prepreg from contamination. Release from the paper coated with anti - stick material made of paper, its model should be based on the material, thickness, elongation, single - sided difference and distinction.

The characteristics

1, clean degree: refers to the clean surface and cleanliness, because from type paper factory production environment is not the same, most is not dust-free workshop, because of the cost of the problem, also can't use dust-free workshop, in general are all plants, better will have a lot of improvement in environmental protection and the environment, these will have an effect on the clean.

2, from the degree: refers to the degree of the paper from the mold, there is no absolute value at this point, see each manufacturer's formula to determine the different.

3. Peeling force: it refers to whether the product is easy to be torn off. Of course, there are strict test standards.