The absorbent core of baby diaper

Wood pulp+SAP core

Known as the traditional core, it is made of a mixture of wood pulp and super absorbent polymer and is widely used in diapers of various international brands. By wood pulp and super absorbent polymer disordered mixture, the structure is relatively loose, and wood pulp will rapidly expand after water absorption, compared with composite core diaper will certainly be thicker. But if reduce the proportion of wood pulp, increase the amount of water super absorbent polymer, it is likely to lead to the diapers after water absorption hard lump and fault. Because wood pulp is an important role in keeping the diaper smooth and soft, it can prevent the resin from sliding into a ball, making the baby more comfortable to wear. But if it is love moving baby or will be a fault, wrapped in the baby's small ass will be very uncomfortable.


The composite core: Nonwoven+pulp+SAP+Airlaid paper

Known as the three-generation mixed core, made of airlaid paper, non-woven and super absorbent polymer machine pressure, common in domestic diapers. Made of airlaid paper, non-woven and super absorbent polymer machine pressure, commonly seen in domestic diapers, between each layer of core material with hot melt adhesive made, the core contains a large number of polymer to ensure the absorption of diapers, overall expansion after water absorption, flat not glop, liquid absorption can still maintain the original shape. The disadvantage of using composite cores is that the process is more complex, the production speed of equipment is lower, and the cost will be higher than traditional cores.


In contrast, the biggest advantage of composite paper core is thin and not easy fault, water absorption after the overall expansion, flat not glop, let the baby wearing no burden.