technology development and status of elastic waistband

The stretchability and resilience of the elastic waistband material will directly affect the waist comfort of the diaper and the risk of urine leakage on the back. In the early days, the elastic waistband was made of foam material with low cost. This kind of elastic material has poor tensile properties and resilience, and is now basically no longer used.

By comparing the tensile stress and strain curves of elastic film and foam, it can be found that when foam is used as an elastic waistline, its initial opening force is larger; when elastic film is used as an elastic waistline, the stress-strain curve is gentle, which requires less force to reach the same tensile rate and higher user comfort.

The two stretching and closing curves of the elastic film basically coincide, indicating a high recovery degree of elastic deformation and ensuring that the diaper does not relax and slip. At present, the great improvement of the production capacity of the diaper has made spandex widely used as elastic waistbandmaterial. At present, spandex is widely recognized for its low cost and good tensile performance. When some diaper products are designed, they do not use the elasticity of the back waist, but combine the elastic material with the left and right waist to design the unique diaper products with large elastic ears.