Smell of hot melt adhesive

1. Which industry customers for hot melt adhesive odor requirements

1) EPE packaging industry

2) sanitary products industry: in recent years, the sanitary products industry such as baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult nursing pads has put forward extremely high requirements on the smell of hot melt adhesive, that is, hot melt adhesive should have no smell. With economic development and people living standard rise, the quality of our products have higher requirements, combined with China's decades of the one-child policy caused the current situation of the family has only one child, who all hope that their children can enjoy the best of care, even if the baby diapers, also hope that the children can use the safest, most comfortable, the smell of product is absolutely not acceptable. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of terminal customers, sanitary products manufacturers require raw materials smell free, which is reasonable.

3) food packaging industry

4) automobile interior decoration industry


2. Source of odor

The smell of hot melt adhesive comes from the hot melt adhesive itself, which is the essential characteristic of hot melt adhesive and affected by raw materials, production process and circulation links. Hot melt collagen materials include subject resin, viscosity resin, thinner or soften the composition such as oil, increase agent, inherent smell smell of hot melt adhesive is an important raw material sources, such as most of the EVA is a little hint of acetic acid taste, and synthetic rubber also has its own taste, just shades, viscosity resin in the resin viscosity resin has the smell of turpentine, and C9C5 resin has different taste, even the whole hydrogenation resin, also has its own smell, just we can smell detection not to come out, many other raw materials also smell, tints, only intensity difference. In the production process, hot melt adhesive may also have a new source of odor, through the production process control can achieve the goal of reducing odor. In addition, hot melt in the logistics of transport, may also be stained with new smell.


Everything has a certain smell, that is, body odor. There is no absolute odorless substance. Odor is not the same as volatile gas, but closely related to volatile gas. The relationship between volatile gases and odors is still a subject. People habitually adapt to smells and have different preferences.

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