Notice in hot melt adhesive application

Because hot melt adhesive is widely used, it has the advantages of no pollution and no pollution. However, due to the limitation of its characteristics, special attention should be paid to its application.

1) the viscosity

Melt viscosity is an important indicator of performance, because the use of hot melt adhesive must be aided by heater, that is, coating machine. Generally speaking, different industries, different USES, there are different properties, different coating machine, coating mode, determines its melt viscosity. It should be noted here that the viscosity of the prepared sols varies from one manufacturer to another depending on the coating machine and method used for the same purpose.


2) curing time and opening time

Hot melt adhesive USES the heat as the medium, the colloid is then completed after cooling, so attention must be paid to the operation time control.

Setting time: refers to the best short time after coating which can form the setting;

Open time: refers to the maximum allowable time between coating and pressing;


3) temperature resistance

Of EVA hot melt adhesive for itself the physical limit, so only under the condition of constant temperature heat resistance between 40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃, the main is generally EVA also between 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, melting point and heat resistant properties of TPR itself better, but often must join plasticizer and reduce its heat resistance.


4) according to the nature

Talking about continuity, the main focus is to be the material, according to the general classification of metal, plastic, paper, wood, etc., or according to the customer requirements of the next state, choose the appropriate model, the appropriate product, can avoid problems after the event, save service time.