Making of diapers

The best material for diapers is fine cotton yarn, good hygroscopic and soft. Two layers of cotton yarn is suitable for a diaper, neither because of the thin impact of water suction, nor because of thick and affect activities. If someone feels that such a diaper is too thin, then use three layers of cotton yarn, can not be thicker, otherwise will affect the baby leg activities. Home has town not new Shing, cotton long, can be used locally, with Shing, cotton long make diapers raw materials. Through the Shing wash very soft, water absorption, is a good choice. Old people like to use old sheets to make diapers, should pay attention to disinfection and water absorption of the two problems. 

The old cotton cloth is not very hard to touch, but under the microscope observation will see the surface has a lot of small burr, long-term use will rub the baby's delicate small buttocks, has caused the possibility of diaper rash. Moreover, washing many times of the old cotton water absorption relatively weakened. When you make diapers, you should be careful to choose the right material, and if your family is permitted, it's best not to make diapers for your child with too old cotton cloth. The unique comfort and breathability of cotton is one of the great advantages of cotton diapers. Baby tender little butt wrapped in soft cotton diapers, how comfortable ah. However, the most important thing is the low price of cotton diapers, and can be reused, is truly affordable. In addition, old people usually prefer cotton diapers. If you have old people with children in your home, don't forget to prepare some cotton diapers.