Knowledge of tissue paper

China Paper Research Institute Quality Inspection Center expert Ma Xin said, both of the fundamental differences, the production process, the quality and hygiene standards are different, they can not substitute for each other, in particular, can not use inferior toilet paper to replace napkins, use it to wrap food and snacks, or wipe the mouth.

Tissue paper and tissues (including handkerchiefs, tissues, napkins, in daily life is the most confusing, the two alternatives are often the thing: someone used to replace toilet paper towels; Somebody used to wipe the face with toilet tissue, some restaurants use toilet tissue, some even use inferior toilet tissue instead of napkins ...

Health issues

Toilet paper, especially poor toilet paper instead of napkins will pose a potential danger to human health, saying that it is because some people are not infected with any pathogenic bacteria, but some people will react immediately after use, which is different from person. As for tissue paper (mainly for eligible paper towels) instead of toilet tissue, we say "excess value", as long as you are not too expensive, we do not oppose in principle. But in the toilet this occasion, advocate or use toilet paper reason is:

The first is that toilet paper is cheaper than tissues.

The second is the wet strength of paper towel high-over toilet paper, tissues easily cause toilet jam.