How to use hot melt adhesive?

Popular speaking, the use of hot glue and cooking dishes are the same, the temperature is too high will be burnt off, the temperature is too low on the dishes are raw, different people make the taste is always different, how to grasp the heat, is really a not small knowledge. How to better use hot melt adhesive, the following is renhe hot melt adhesive co., LTD. Senior technical researchers put forward several Suggestions:

First, the hot melt adhesive machine temperature control:

(1), to moderate temperature (150-180 ℃), maintain continuous operation, can not long in heated above 200 ℃, it will cause damage to glue, promote the hot melt adhesive aging in advance;

(2), if the rest of the temperature is just right down to 120 ℃, or the temperature in the insulation status; (3), every day from work, in addition to the machine and power off, it is best to melt the plastic bucket remaining glue on the paper, can be used the next day, if the glue does not put the lid must be opened, speed up the heat, or add a little cold glue;

(4) the machine used for a period of time, to melt the plastic bucket, plastic sink for regular cleaning, please pay attention to the use of qualified, appropriate cleaning oil (mineral oil).

Secondly, the hot melt adhesive in the preservation of the matters to pay attention to:

(1)Must avoid contact with high temperature, direct sunlight, to be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated ground

(2), but also avoid contact with organic solvents;

(3) the storage area should be separated from the work area, away from the lift, room access and main passageway;

(4) keep away from heat source and ignition source area;

Finally, safety precautions in use:

(1), construction personnel should wear good work clothes and heat resistant glasses to protect the eyes, wear gloves, boots;

(2) in the actual workplace, the machine must be equipped with local exhaust device;

(3), the workplace should be set up to wash eyes wash equipment;

(4) use of non-spark, grounding ventilation system, qualified explosion-proof measures and safe electrical system. In addition: the need to pay attention to the temperature of hot melt adhesive is sensitive, in general, summer and winter glue or some differences. In march, April, September and October, the temperature changes, please control the amount of glue.

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