How to distinguish release paper and release film

From the appearance, from the appearance, the release film mostly presents the transparent, thin and light characteristics, and the release paper generally retains the color of the paper.

Coated paper and the same specifications coated with silicone plastic release paper is no different; Moreover, the release film coated with silicon is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye. But you can tell the difference pretty well with just a few simple tools and manipulations: a piece of tape, a signature pen, and a little paper shredder.

Test method:

1, we look at the difference between ordinary plastic film and from type membrane, cut off a section of the tape, stick to these membranes, respectively, off again, feel easy to uncover, in the process of jie, no noise, is used for silicon mold membrane, and difficult to solve, in the process of jie has a chirping sound is not coated silicon ordinary plastic film. In this way, it is also possible to distinguish between single-side silicon-coated release film and double-side silicon-coated release film, and it is even possible to compare which side is coated with how much silicon and the size of stripping rate.

2, water pen to test, in the film surface under a scratch, from the film surface no ink, and the ordinary film will have different depth of ink marks.

Have plastic mold with the same specification of paper laminating paper also look not to come out on appearance, but with the above method can distinguish the difference between the two shiny plain paper and paper laminating are similar in appearance sometimes, but if put them apart with the hand, plain paper at the edge of the tear only fibre wool, and film paper in addition to wood fiber there will be some small diaphragm. If tested with tape, the coated paper will make a noise in the process of removing the tape, but the tape will not stick to anything, while the glossy ordinary paper will stick to the paper surface coating and wood fiber.

Due to the presence of paper wool and fiber on the surface of the paper, there is a risk of penetration in the coating of silicone oil, in order to ensure a stable peeling force, in the coating before the general process of plastic coating (commonly known as the film).

Special reminder: die cutting manufacturers in the selection of release paper, please remember to ask the supplier in advance of release paper raw material is kraft paper or straw paper, kraft paper in the die-cutting process is not easy to break the edge, less confetti.