hot melt adhesive for diapers

1, wetness indication adhesive

Indication adhesive is a kind of hot melt adhesive with PH color reagent. When wet, it turns from yellow to green. In the actual use of the process must strictly control the amount of coating, too low will lead to light color change, too high slow discoloration. Generally recommended by the coating weight of toilet paper package product is 15 ~ 25 g / , non-woven package products 10 ~ 15 g / . This is because non-woven cloth wrapped products, weak acid super absorbent resin will pass through the non-woven fabric to make the indication adhesive discoloration. At the same time, in the actual use process must strictly control the temperature of the glue and the urine glue in the glue machine parking time, prevent excessive aging so that the urine glue lost the urine function.


2, independent packaging bag sealing adhesive

Sealing adhesive is used for the sealing of sanitary napkin or cushion independent packaging bag. It is required to have moderate PE adhesive force, and the packaging film cannot be torn when peeling. Low operating temperature, do not burn packaging film; The stripping force remained stable. According to the material of the independent packaging bag, it can be divided into low-pressure sensitive sealing adhesive and pressure-sensitive sealing adhesive. Low pressure sensitive sealant is suitable for packaging bags of non-detached materials, because the pressure sensitive sealant is too good, with the extension of storage time, the wettability of sealant to the base material becomes larger, adhesion is greatly improved, and the packaging film is torn when peeling.


Pressure-sensitive sealing adhesive is suitable for the independent packaging bag of release film or release cloth coated with silicon, because silicone oil is a material with low surface tension, pressure-sensitive sealing adhesive has little influence on its wettability due to aging and climate, so the peeling force is moderate and stable. General adhesive or open time between the adhesive and the structure of hot melt adhesive can be used to release film or release cloth sealing.


3, side tape hot melt adhesive

The special hot melt adhesive for left and right waist is used for bonding the magic clasp without glue with the non-woven fabric with bottom film and the non-woven fabric with leak-proof and selvage separation. Hot melt adhesive is required to have high adhesion, high cohesion strength, good thermal stability, appropriate opening time, lighter color, soft and elastic, strong weather resistance. Generally, the holding force between the left and right waist strips and the side of the diaper is less than 20min/1kg and the breaking force is less than 20N/25mm, which may lead to the risk of the left and right waist strips falling off.

Hot melt adhesive for diaper