hot melt adhesive for hygiene

1, the position glue

Position glue for sanitary napkin back layer, its role is to stick the sanitary napkin on the underwear, so that it will not move.

Requires a moderate cotton stripping force; Good transfer resistance, high cohesion strength; It has a wide adaptability to seasonal areas and still has a good initial viscosity under low temperature environment. The peeling force is not very sensitive to the change of coating thickness. Normal temperature aging performance is good, sanitary napkin after a long time of storage, the adhesive stripping force and color change is not much; Good adaptability to the substrate, all kinds of underwear cloth have moderate stripping force; Good thermal stability, little change in color and physical properties in the cylinder; Light color, low odor, not too sensitive to ultraviolet light; Good operation performance, moderate temperature, easy to apply, safe and non-toxic, not allergic.

Position glue has breathable film special position glue and non breathable film ordinary position glue. Breathable film special adhesive requirements hot melt adhesive has a good impermeable oil.


2. Construction glue

Construction glue is used for bonding non-woven fabric/perforated film with PE back film, bonding absorbent paper with non-woven fabric, PE or villi pulp; Adhesive elastic waist and PE back film; Bonding three-dimensional anti-leakage molding; Bonding to form a solid seal around the core material with stable and close contact. Good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion of PE film and non-woven fabric, non-reverse osmosis of non-woven fabric/perforated film, non-scalding of PE film, non-migration, good machine performance.


Construction glue is generally divided into low temperature and high temperature. The application of low temperature construction glue temperature is 110 ~ 130 ℃, can be directly coated in plastic deformation of PE film and not burn or phenomenon, thus increasing the coating substrate selectivity and operability.


3, Elastic hot melt adhesive


Elastic hot melt adhesiveis used for the role of the same elastic material, so that the elastic material is better bonded to the non-woven fabric and the bottom film, and to give sanitary products better close-fitting comfort, better leakproof performance. Elastic hot melt adhesiveis required to have high creep resistance, good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion between elastic material and PE backing material or non-woven fabric, non-reverse osmosis to non-woven fabric, soft and elastic.

Hot melt adhesive for diaper